Roles and Rights

This guide will teach you how to create new roles and assign rights to Admins you've created within your GroundBreaker portal.

1. Log into your GroundBreaker portal as an admin and click on Manage to go to the Admin App.

2. On the left sidebar click on Roles and Rights.

(Note: If you're getting started with the software the original account should have the role of Owner and have all the rights)

3. Click on Add New Role on the top right. 

4. Add the name of the role you want to create (ex. Marketing, Investor Relations, etc..) and click on Create.

5. You will see the new role as shown below. Click on Assign Rights to apply the rights that you deem are appropriate. 

6. Check the responsibilities and rights that you want the new role to have. Remember to click Save once you're done. 

7. Click on Assign Members to attach the role to an existing member of your team.

8. Click on Save to finish.