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Investor Portal Guide - How do I create an investor account?
Investor Portal Guide - How do I create an investor account?

Create an investor account from the main menu

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Investor Accounts are your entities as a limited partner investor. When you make an offer, you do so through an investor account. As an individual, you may be handling investments on behalf of several entities (partnerships, trusts, individuals, etc.). You can manage these investments separately by creating an investor account for each entity.

To create an investor account:

=> Select Investor Accounts from the menu

=> Click New Account

You are presented with the screen where you will add the details for the account.

Account Information - The details required for investment subscriptions

  • Investor Type

  • Legal Name

  • Tax Type and Tax ID

Account Address - The mailing address for this investor account

Payment Instructions - The preferred method for receiving payment distributions

  • ACH - receive an automated transfer from the sponsor to the account you configure

  • Mail Check - receive a check through the mail to the address you provide

  • Wire - receive a wire payment to the account you specify

After selecting one of the payment methods, you can configure the details. You can add more than one method now, or you may choose to add another one later. Read more about creating distribution payment methods here.

Once the fields are updated with the correct values, click on Save located at the top right.

You may add as many investor accounts as needed.

If you submit an offer without first creating an investor account, you will be asked for the detail and an investor account will be created for you at that time.

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