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Investor Portal Guide - How do I edit an investor account?
Investor Portal Guide - How do I edit an investor account?

Review and update your investor accounts from the main menu

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Investor Accounts are your entities as a limited partner investor. When you make an offer, you do so through an investor account. As an individual, you may be handling investments on behalf of several entities (partnerships, trusts, individuals, etc.). You can manage these investments with investor accounts for each entity. Keep the information current by updating your investor accounts when details change.

=> Select Investor Accounts from the menu

=> Click on the account to be modified

The detail screen for the investor account you selected is displayed.

In addition to the investments for this account, this screen shows:

  • Account Information

  • Mailing Address

  • Owner and Delegates

  • Payment Instructions - you can toggle between payment methods previously defined for this account by clicking the Manage button.

To revise the account information, click on Edit.

You are taken to the screen showing the current values for the account where you can revise them as needed.

Account Information - The investor entity details required for investment subscriptions

Account Address - The mailing address for this investor account

Payment Instructions - The method preferred for payment distributions. You can add or modify distribution payment instructions here. Access this article to read more about distribution methods.

Once the fields are updated with the correct values, click on Save located at the top right.

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