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Investor Portal Guide - What is a reservation offering?
Investor Portal Guide - What is a reservation offering?

A sponsor may open an offering for reservations before fundraising begins

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The Home Dashboard displays your sponsor's live offerings. A sponsor may elect to make offerings available for you to view before they are ready to be funded - these are reservation offerings. There are several reasons why a sponsor may choose to present a reservation offering. Among these are:

  • To assess investors’ interest before committing to the deal

  • To generate interest while the details are being finalized

When an offer is in the reservation stage, you cannot make an offer and initiate the investment process, but you can identify an amount you would like to reserve and/or show that you are interested. Neither action creates an obligation on your part.

Reservation offerings display on your home page like this:

Whether you click on View Details or Reserve Now, the offer details, including additional photos and integrated maps are presented. If you like what you see, you can request a reservation amount by entering an amount and clicking on Reserve now.

Your interest in the offering is confirmed, the sponsor is notified, and you are identified as a prospect for the offering. If the sponsor moves forward and creates a live offering for this deal, you will see a deal card for the offering on your Home Dashboard with a Fundraising status. At that time, if you choose to make an offer, the commitment amount will be pre-populated with the amount you reserved.

You are not obligated to submit an offer with the amount you reserved - you may update the commitment amount as needed.

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