When the sponsor creates their offerings, they add information and details about each offering into a virtual deal room created for each offering. When you access the Investor Portal, you are presented with Offerings that your sponsor has made available for you.

Click on View Details to access the information the sponsor has provided about the opportunity.

The Details tab provides most of the information that a potential investor wants to know.

  • The name of the offering

  • A representative photo

  • The location map (if enabled)

  • The amount of capital to be raised

  • The estimated closing date

  • The minimum investment amount

  • The stage of the offering

You will see any documents the sponsor makes available by clicking the Documents tab.

From here you can preview or download the documents.

If you select Photos, you can see the entire collection of photos the sponsor has provided for this offering.

You can also scroll through the photos in a larger format when you click View all Photos.

When you have all the information you need and are ready to make an offer, click on Mark as Interested and then View Subscription to get started.

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