The sponsor may want to protect the confidential and competitive information contained in the details provided for the offering. In this case, they can specify that you first agree to their Non-Disclosure Agreement before you can view the offering. When you agree to the NDA online, the commitment is the same as signing your name on a printed form.

Enabling an NDA for an offering is at the discretion of the sponsor. When you are on the Home Dashboard, click on one of the action buttons for the offering you are interested in viewing.

When the sponsor requires it, the NDA agreement and terms are displayed for you to read.

If you agree to the terms, click on I agree and the offering detail page is displayed and you can view the details and submit your offer.

You will not be asked to agree to the NDA again unless you come back at a later time. Once you submit an offer, you will not be prompted to agree to the NDA again.

If you do not wish to be bound by the NDA, you can click on I don't agree or the X at the top right of the display and you will be taken back to the Home Dashboard.

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