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Manager Platform Guide - Get Started with Groundbreaker
Manager Platform Guide - Get Started with Groundbreaker

Discover how to set up the Groundbreaker software to elevate your real estate investment business

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Groundbreaker was created to be an automated online application enabling investors to access your portfolio, make offers, remit and receive payments, and stay informed. As the General Partner, you will access the Groundbreaker Manager Platform to manage the data and facilitate the online investment process. Your prospects and investors will access the Investor Portal you provide for them. The Groundbreaker software manages the security, investment process flow, approvals, and exchange of information between you and your investors.

As you continue to use the software, you will discover the many capabilities and features, but you only need to address a few to get started.

Manager Platform

The Groundbreaker Platform is the foundation of the software and is where you and your team members will log in to direct and support the investment process. While the Platform has many capabilities, you will need to address the following platform settings to begin:

  • General - Provide your general account information - name, address, and contact details. This information is displayed in various locations throughout the software and the investor portal.

  • Team Member Access - You may have several people involved in managing the investment process. Whether these individuals are in your organization or external to it, they can more efficiently support your business by taking advantage of the Groundbreaker Platform capabilities when you grant them access.

  • Investor Portal - You can customize the messaging, photos, colors, and logos used in the Investor Portal to make it an extension of your brand.

Investor Portal

The Investor Portal is how prospects and investors access your portfolio and complete the online investment process. They have instant visibility into their subscription status and investment positions and can securely retrieve documents, tax forms, transaction history, and correspondence.

You can embed a link to the investor portal on your website or provide the link via any media you use to communicate with existing and potential investors. Access the Settings menu from the Groundbreaker Manager Platform to customize the look and feel of the investor portal to reflect your unique brand.

Groundbreaker Data

To use Groundbreaker for managing investments, you must have at least one entry for each of the data entities described below. Every investment will establish a relationship between these four entities.

  • Contacts administer Investor Accounts

  • Investor Accounts subscribe to Offerings

  • Offerings are managed by Investment Entities


Your Contacts are everyone you may contact concerning your deals. The Groundbreaker software maintains a Contacts database that includes all individuals: active prospects, other potential investors, current investors, and anyone you have authorized to access the Investor Portal.

Investor Accounts

Each contact may have one or many Investor Accounts. Investor Accounts are the legal entities that your investors use to commit to a position in your offerings. Although all Investor Accounts are associated with someone defined in your Contacts, Groundbreaker maintains all agreements, documentation, contributions, and distributions with the legal entities - the Investor Accounts - and not directly with the contact.


Offerings are essentially the marketing collateral for your investment deals. Investors express interest and enter a position through the Offerings presented on the Investor Portal. Groundbreaker gives you a virtual ‘deal room’ where you can showcase your offering with high-resolution photos, descriptive details, and additional documents that will increase its appeal to potential investors.

Investment Entities

Each Offering must have its own Investment Entity, and, conversely, an Investment Entity can have only one Offering. While the offering is essentially a marketing document for an investment deal, the Investment Entity is the legal holding entity. Groundbreaker stores, secures, and manages all transactions, settings, and communications about an offering with its Investment Entity.


Groundbreaker's Onboarding Specialist will assist you as you get up and running. You may just be starting out as a General Partner or you may have existing investments that you are currently managing manually or with other software. When you want to transition your existing data to Groundbreaker, you have options.

Uploading Data

If you have existing data, you can add it yourself or choose to have Groundbreaker load it for you. The data you will provide is:

  • Contacts

  • Investor Accounts

  • Investment Entities (includes Offering names)

  • Contributions

  • Distributions

Uploading Documents

If you have existing documents associated with the data you transferred to Groundbreaker, you can centrally manage them on the Groundbreaker Platform. Using Groundbreaker as a repository makes documents instantly available to prospects and investors, and they can download and view them as needed.

Testing the Investor Portal

You can validate the links and the customization you created for the Investor Portal by adding a “Test User” to your Contacts.

  • Create a new contact as your test user using a valid email address for an email account that you can access. The email address must be different than your admin email address and not shared by any existing contacts.

  • From Groundbreaker, send the test user contact a portal invite

  • Access the test user’s email account and respond to the email

  • Log in to the Investor Portal using the test user's credentials and navigate through the dashboards and menus.

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact [email protected]

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