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Manager Platform Guide - Platform Overview
Manager Platform Guide - Platform Overview

Discover Groundbreaker's basic navigation and menu options

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Groundbreaker was created to be an automated online portal enabling investors to access your portfolio, make offers, and remit and receive payments. There are many features you will use to manage your investments and support your investors. The objective of this article is to introduce the platform and familiarize you with the navigation and location of menu options.

Home Dashboard

Upon login, you arrive at the Home Dashboard.

The Home Dashboard provides an easy-to-understand, high-level view of your business. From this dashboard, you can navigate to all platform functions and gather additional information to support your investments and your investors. You can always navigate back to this screen by clicking on the Groundbreaker logo in the top left.

You can think of the dashboard as being divided vertically, creating two “sections”.

Platform Activity

The left side of the page is devoted to activity on the platform. At the top is a high-level summary.

You’ll see an updated view of:

  • Equity Under Management

  • Offerings

  • Investor Accounts

  • Current Active Users

Immediately below the summary is a list of recent activities by users of the platform. Each action shows the user’s name, the date and time, and a description of the action. You can click on the button next to an activity to see the detail page for that action.

Equity Overview

On the right side of the Home Dashboard is a summary of your equity position.

At the top is a graphic representing your equity breakdown. Below the chart is a fundraising summary section with a listing of all offerings followed by a schedule of payments in progress.

From this page you can also get a quick view of the detail for any of your offerings. Clicking the arrow next to All Offerings will bring up a list of all offerings, and you can select one to see the graphic with the breakdown for that offering.


The Search capability is a powerful tool that makes it easy to access the details you need to service your customers.

Enter a name or keyword in the Search Box to find matches from multiple sources related to your business:

  • Contacts

  • Investor Accounts

  • Investment Entities

  • Offerings

Selecting one of the results will take you to the detail page for your selection.


Initiate all activities from the Home Dashboard via the Menu located at the top of the screen to the far right.

The rest of the dashboard is grayed out, and the Menu is displayed on the right side of the screen.

From here, you can initiate any platform action.

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact [email protected].

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