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Investor Portal Guide - How do I change the method for distribution payments?
Investor Portal Guide - How do I change the method for distribution payments?

You can select the method for receiving payments in your Investor Account Settings

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Your default distribution payment method reflects the instructions you most recently provided. If you only have one method configured, this will be your default option.

When you begin the subscription process for a deal, you will be asked to provide your preferred distribution payment method. You can select the default option, add a new one, or switch to another method that you have defined.

For existing investments, you can change your preferred distribution method at any time.

Switch to another payment method

You can choose to receive distribution payments using one of the other payment methods when you have defined more than one for this investor account.

=> Select Investor Accounts from the menu

=> Click on the Investor Account

On this screen, you will see the area for Payment Instructions where your current payment method is shown. Click on Manage to show the details for your current method.

You can see the details for your current method and for any others you have already defined for this investor account. You can leave the current payment method in place or select one of the other options you have previously defined. Be sure to click on Make Default to save the change.

Future distribution payments will be paid using your new default method.

Configure a payment method

If you want to add a new payment method or revise the instructions for an existing payment method, refer to this article.

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