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Investor Portal Guide - How do I sign the subscription documents outside of the Investor Portal?
Investor Portal Guide - How do I sign the subscription documents outside of the Investor Portal?

You have the option to download and manually sign the documents

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Once your offer is approved and you have completed your investor accreditation, the next step is to complete the subscription documents. Although you can sign electronically, you have the option to process the documents manually.

There may be several reasons to process the documents outside of the portal:

  • You or the Sponsor require an actual inked signature

  • You or the Sponsor prefer to manage the signatures via a separate electronic platform

  • You are unable to process signatures electronically

When you are at the documents step, you will see the list of documents to sign. To manage a document outside of the Investor Portal, click More Actions and then Download unsigned copy.

Once the document has been processed through your organization for the required signatures and you have a PDF copy of the agreement, click on More Actions and then Upload signed document.

The window asking you to specify the file to upload will be displayed.

If there is more than one document to sign, go through the same steps for each one. When you click on Next at the top right on the documents page, you will see your confirmation page with a summary of the next steps.

The sponsor can now access the file(s) you submitted and proceed through their approval process. After funding and countersignature, the sponsor will upload the fully executed subscription package and you can access it from the Documents or Investments sections in the portal.

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