After you approve the subscriber’s offer and they complete their accreditation questionnaire, the subscriber signs the document(s). Although they can sign electronically, the subscriber has the option to process them manually.

There may be several reasons to process the document outside of the portal:

  • You or the subscriber require an actual inked signature

  • You or the subscriber prefer to manage the signatures via a separate electronic platform

  • The subscriber was unable to process signatures electronically

When the subscriber chooses to manually process the documents for signatures, they will download the agreements, obtain the required signatures, upload the PDF copies of the signed agreements, and submit them for your review.

Whether the subscriber signs electronically or manually, the next step is the same. Navigate to the detail page for the prospect to access the documents.

Navigate from Offerings:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Click on Offerings

=> Select the Offering

=> Click on Prospects

=> Select the prospect

Navigate from Contacts:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Click on Contacts

=> Select the prospect

=> Select the Offering from the list of Prospective Offerings

From here you can review, download, and click Approve document.

Once contribution funding completes, the documents are ready for countersignature.

When the subscriber signs the documents outside of the portal, you cannot countersign electronically in Groundbreaker.

You will need to download the document by clicking Download (located under each document). You can then countersign on paper (or via an alternate electronic platform), and save it as a PDF file. Once you have a PDF version of the signed documents, click Upload countersigned document.

You will then see the screen asking for the name of the PDF file.

Go through the same steps for each document to be countersigned. Once all documents are uploaded, the fully executed subscription package is stored and accessible by both you and your investor.

Support Information

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