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Manager Platform Guide - What are the steps in the online investment process?
Manager Platform Guide - What are the steps in the online investment process?

You have a little as one action to take to move a prospect’s offer to a closed deal

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One of the key features of the Groundbreaker platform is that it streamlines fundraising with a guided investment process that automates the exchanges between you and your investors, saving you time and creating a seamless experience for your investors. This article describes the steps you take for each prospect’s offer as you move through the process from offer to closing.


Before you can begin raising funds, you will need to:

  • Create an offering that you will market to potential investors

  • Define the deal for investors who subscribe to your Offering

  • Move the offering into the Fundraising stage

Investment Process Steps

The process begins when the prospect clicks on View Subscription for the Offering on the Investor Portal. The prospect can proceed through these next steps

  • Enter the offer amount

  • Identify the investment account

  • Provide instructions for distribution payments

  • Complete the accreditation questionnaire

  • Review and sign the subscription documents

When the prospect is going through the investment process, you will see notifications on your Home Page under Recent Activity.

For most of these updates, there is no action required from you, but you can view the status. Click on View Investment or can navigate to the prospect’s subscription detail page from the Menu.

Navigate from Offerings:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Click on Offerings

=> Select the Offering

=> Click on Prospects

=> Select the prospect

Navigate from Contacts:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Click on Contacts

=> Select the prospect

=> Select the Offering from the list of Prospective Offerings

Countersign Agreements

After the prospect signs and submits the subscription agreement, the first step required from you in the process is countersignature.

Current Status: Subscription submitted

Next Step: Countersign the document(s)

When a countersignature is required and the document was signed electronically by the subscriber, you can countersign electronically. If the signature process is being managed outside of Groundbreaker, you will need to upload a copy of the countersigned agreement.

When you complete this step, the prospect receives funding instructions and they will select the method of payment and complete the transaction. When they choose ACH, the transfer and the acknowledgment of funds are managed for you.

Acknowledge Funding

After the subscriber initiates their payment, you will see the change in their status when you access the prospect detail page.

Current Status: Funding Sent

Next Step: No action is required if payment was made via ACH. When the subscriber remits payment via wire or check, you will need to acknowledge when you receive the funds. When you click Wire received (or Check received under More Options), the subscriber will receive an email notification. Once you complete the countersignature process, the subscriber receives an email and the subscription is updated with the close date.

Current Status: Complete

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