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Manager Platform Guide - Where can I find an overview of my equity position?
Manager Platform Guide - Where can I find an overview of my equity position?

The Home Dashboard presents an overview and you can drill down into specific offerings

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Groundbreaker provides an overview of your business on the Home Dashboard when you login to the platform.

Overall Summary

This top section provides four metrics regarding your activity on the platform.

  • Equity Under Management - the amount that you have raised for all offerings managed on the platform

  • Offerings - the number of active offerings you are managing on the platform. Completed investments are not included in this count.

  • Investor Accounts - the number of accounts your investors and prospects have created for managing their investments with you. Each individual investor can have one or more Investor Accounts.

  • Live - the number of contacts that are logged into your investor portal at this time

Equity Chart

On the right side of the Home Dashboard is a chart with a summary of your equity position.

This graphic shows the total equity for all your active offerings. The total equity amount for all active offerings is provided at the top of the chart. The stacked bar chart breaks that figure out into subsets to show where you are as you move toward fully funding your deals.

  • To be raised - the amount that has not yet been committed

  • Offers pending - offers committed but not yet approved

  • Offers approved - offers approved but awaiting subscription documents

  • Subscribed - deals with subscription agreements but not yet funded

  • Funded - deals that have closed, making up your total equity under management

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Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact [email protected].

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