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Manager Platform Guide - Where can I find the equity breakdown for an offering?
Manager Platform Guide - Where can I find the equity breakdown for an offering?

The Home Dashboard presents an overview and you can drill down into specific offerings

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Groundbreaker provides an overview of your business on the Home Dashboard when you log in to the platform. You can see the detail related to a specific deal when you select the offering from the drop-down menu provided when you click the down arrow in the All Offerings box.

A graphic showing the fundraising breakdown for the offering you selected is shown.

The total equity amount for the offering is provided at the top of the chart. The stacked bar chart breaks that figure out into subsets to show where you are as you move toward fully funding this deal.

  • To be raised - the amount that has not yet been committed

  • Offers pending - committed but not yet approved

  • Offers approved - approved but awaiting subscription documents

  • Subscribed - subscription agreements but not yet funded

  • Funded - closed

You can go to the detail page for the offering from the menu

=> Click on Offerings

=> Select the Offering

You can also click on the offering in the Fundraising Summary section of the Home Dashboard.

The detail page for the offering has the equity breakdown along with other information about the offering.

The same information shown in the stacked bar chart presented earlier is shown in the table at the bottom left of the page.

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