The Home Dashboard provides an easy-to-understand, high-level view of your business. From this dashboard, you can access the Menu to navigate to all platform functions.

The rest of the dashboard is grayed out, and the Menu is displayed on the right side of the screen.

From here, you can initiate any platform action. Each option is described below.


This selection returns you to the Home Dashboard presented at login.


Offerings are the marketing documents for your deal. The information you provide for each offering is presented to potential investors via the Investor Portal. This menu option is where you create and manage the offerings.

Investment Entities

Investment Entities are the legal holding entities for each offering. All documents, transactions, activities, and settings related to operating and managing the offering are maintained with the investment entity for the offering. This menu option allows you to set up and manage the investment entities.


Underlying the Groundbreaker Platform is a CRM created specifically for real estate investment firms. You add, view, and manage all prospects and investors via this menu option.

Investor Accounts

Investor Accounts are the legal entities that your investors use to commit to a position in your offerings. All agreements, documentation, contributions, and distributions are associated with investor accounts. While investors can create an unlimited number of investor accounts of several different types, you can also add them on their behalf. The Investor Account menu option allows you to add, review, and manage investment accounts for your investors.


Selecting the Settings option from the menu presents several selection choices that allow you to customize the Groundbreaker Platform and the Investor Portal.


Manage your login profile and enable two-factor authentication if desired.


Selecting Help directs you to the Knowledgebase repository, where you can look through the contents for the Manager Platform Guide, the Investor Portal Guide, and search for articles.

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