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Manager Platform Guide - Groundbreaker Basics
Manager Platform Guide - Groundbreaker Basics

Discover the basics of the Groundbreaker software

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Groundbreaker was created to be an automated online application enabling investors to access your portfolio, make offers, remit and receive payments, and stay informed. The Groundbreaker software manages the security, investment process flow, approvals, and exchange of information between you and your investors.

Manager Platform

As the General Partner, you access the Groundbreaker Manager Platform to create offerings, manage contacts, support investors, and facilitate the online investment process.

Investor Portal

Your prospects and investors log into the Investor Portal you provide for them to access your portfolio and complete the online investment process. Your partners have instant visibility into their subscription status and investment positions and can securely retrieve documents, tax forms, transaction history, and correspondence.

Groundbreaker Structure

There are four data concepts that make up the Groundbreaker structure.


Your Contacts are everyone you may contact concerning your deals. The Groundbreaker software maintains a Contacts database that includes all individuals: active prospects, other potential investors, current investors, and anyone you have authorized to access the Investor Portal.

Investor Accounts

Each contact may have one or many Investor Accounts. Investor Accounts are the legal entities that your investors use to commit to a position in your offerings. Although all Investor Accounts are associated with someone defined in your Contacts, Groundbreaker maintains all agreements, documentation, contributions, and distributions with the legal entities - the Investor Accounts - and not directly with the contact.


Offerings are essentially the marketing collateral for your investment deals. Investors express interest and enter a position through the Offerings presented on the Investor Portal. Groundbreaker gives you a virtual ‘deal room’ where you can showcase your offerings with high-resolution photos, descriptive details, and additional documents that will fully inform potential investors and encourage their participation in your deals.

Investment Entities

Offerings can be presented to your investors as a 'Reservation' or 'Teaser' if you want to gauge interest or gather soft commitments before finalizing a deal. But if you are ready to begin raising funds, your Offering must be associated with an Investment Entity. While the offering is essentially a marketing document for an investment deal, the Investment Entity is the legal holding entity. Groundbreaker stores, secures, and manages all transactions, settings, and communications about an offering with its Investment Entity.

Investment Management Process

Groundbreaker has an automated online investment process to raise capital through funded deals. When a prospect makes an offer, Groundbreaker manages the actions required to approve the offer, create a subscription, sign and countersign documents, and electronically fund the deal. Every investment establishes a relationship between the four data entities.

  • Contacts administer Investor Accounts

  • Investor Accounts subscribe to Offerings

  • Offerings are managed by Investment Entities

Manage Investors

The Groundbreaker Platform makes it easy to manage the information you want to share with your investors. Your distribution payments can be automatically calculated and paid electronically completely via Groundbreaker. You can upload all tax documents and other investment-related information to Groundbreaker where it can be instantly and easily accessed by your investors.

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact

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