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Manager Platform Guide - Is there an online user guide?
Manager Platform Guide - Is there an online user guide?

Groundbreaker maintains an extensive Knowledgebase of detailed help articles

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You have access to almost 100 (and growing) articles designed to address any questions you have as you explore and use the features and functions in Groundbreaker. Help articles are maintained in an Intercom Knowledgebase. When you access the Knowledgebase, you can browse through the repository of articles we have created to answer your questions. We continually add, update, and refine these articles as we receive feedback and add new features.

Accessing the Knowledgebase

There are several ways to navigate to the Knowledgebase articles.

Live Chat In-app

The button that is located at the bottom right of the screen is always available to you.

Clicking here will bring up a dialog box.

All articles in the Knowledgebase are divided into two User Guides:

  • Manager Platform Guide

  • Investor Portal Guide

While you have access to all articles, most of the answers to your questions will be found under the Manager Platform Guide. The Investor Portal Guide contains articles written to support your investors as they interact with you using the Investor Portal.

Click on Manager Platform Guide to access the articles designed to guide you through the use of the Manager Platform.

Articles are arranged in sections displaying the article title and summary. The title contains text - either Manager Platform Guide or Investor Portal Guide - to identify which User Guide it belongs to. Scroll down to see all the sections and articles. Click on an article to read it.

You can refer your investors and prospects to the Investor Portal Guide, which they can access from the Investor Portal when they have questions about using Groundbreaker. You can also send links to specific articles directly to your investors.

Help Center

You can access the Help Center from the Main Menu.

=> Click on Menu located at the far right

=> Select Help

From here, you can select from one of the two User Guides in our Knowledgebase.

You also have the option of searching through the entire Knowledgebase.

When you search the Knowledgebase, Intercom uses the text you enter to look through all articles in both User Guides and will display up to ten articles with a match.

You may need to be more or less specific with the text you enter in the search box to find the articles that give the answers you are looking for. Because the search returns all articles that match, look for Manager Platform Guide in the title of the article to determine which ones apply to you as a manager. Articles written for your investors have Investor Portal Guide in the title.

Learning Center

You can go directly to the Manager Platform Guide by clicking on Learning Center located at the bottom of the page.

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact

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