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Manager Platform Guide - How do I set up email notifications?
Manager Platform Guide - How do I set up email notifications?

Configure your email address and notifications from the Settings Menu

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As you work with prospects and investors, events occur within Groundbreaker that trigger email notifications. These emails keep your team and your investors informed and on track when they have actions to perform.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Settings

=> Click on Notifications

From this page you can

  • Manage the email address and signature displayed on email notifications

  • View and customize the templates for notifications sent to investors and team members

Email Address

When you sign up with Groundbreaker, your account is given a default email address under the mygroundbreaker domain. You may continue to use this address for all system-generated emails, but you can also choose to use an address under your own domain or one that is more aligned with your brand. Click on Edit to change the email address and add your own signature line.

This screen is where you can customize your email address information.

You can change the “Send From” name and address, the email address to receive replies from your recipients, and your email signature. As you change the information, a preview of how it will appear in the email is shown in the window on the right.

When you use another email address (instead of the default), you will first need to click the link to verify the address.

When you are finished with your changes, click Save at the top of the screen.

Email Notifications

When certain events occur, Groundbreaker will initiate email notifications to prompt users when they have an action to take or when something changes. You can view and customize the templates used to generate those email messages.

Investor Notifications

Investor notifications templates are listed on the Notifications page. There are notifications sent to prospects and investors related to portal access and the online investment process.

Team Member (Staff) Notifications

Your team will also receive emails when they have an action to take. Scroll down the Notifications page to see the list of Team Member notification templates.

Customize Email Templates

Click on one of the notifications listed on the notifications screen to bring up the template for that email.

Each notification template has a pre-built message containing variables that are populated when the email is sent. Variables are the names of data fields and are replaced with actual data values at the time the email is sent so that the email is customized for each recipient. Variable names are enclosed in [[ and ]] and are pre-defined.

You can modify the email’s subject line and the message by changing the text and inserting and deleting variables. You can choose from the popular variable names listed on the right side of the page. Contact Groundbreaker at [email protected] if you want to include a variable that is not listed.

Click on Preview to see how your email will display with the variables populated.

Close the window to return to the template. When you are finished editing the template, click Save. You can discard your changes and restore the default by clicking Revert to Default.

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact [email protected].

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