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Manager Platform Guide - Investor Portal Overview
Manager Platform Guide - Investor Portal Overview

Discover how to make the Investor Portal an extension of your brand

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The Investor Portal is your prospects’ and investors’ gateway to your portfolio and should be a reflection of your professionalism, credibility, and integrity.

Customize the Investor Portal

When you join Groundbreaker, we create a ‘white label’ website that will serve as your Investor Portal. Although Groundbreaker is powering the website, you should think of it as a part of your online presence and an extension of the capabilities and services you offer. Groundbreaker gives you the ability to customize the portal so that you can align it with your unique branding.

You can customize the color scheme, add stock photos that reflect your business, include your contact details, and tailor the messaging to resonate with your customers.

Provide the Investor Portal Link

Feature the link to your Investor Portal on your company’s website so that existing investors can drive directly to the portal from your site. Make it easy for your investors to find the link and quickly and easily access their investment information, obtain the documents they need, and find answers to their questions.

You should also include the Investor Portal link on any pages on your website devoted to people who have not worked with you before. These potential investors can click on the link, request access to your portfolio, and learn more about what you offer.

Include the link in newsletters, blog posts, emails, and other media you use when you are raising capital and looking for new investors. You can potentially reach more people with more detailed information about your deals just by providing access to your Investor Portal.

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact

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