Groundbreaker gives you the ability to customize the portal accessed by your prospects and investors so that it becomes a part of your online presence and an extension of the capabilities and services that you offer. Groundbreaker gives you the ability to customize the portal so that you can align it with your unique branding.

To access your Investor Portal Settings:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Settings

=> Click on Investor Portal

You enter and manage the options for customizing your Investor Portal from this page. When you are done making updates, make sure to click Save at the top right of the page to retain your settings.

Title and Meta Descriptions

You can manage how your investor portal is displayed and described in search engine results and when it is posted and shared on various social media. Simply type in the title you want to display and, in the description field, provide a description.

Social Media Image

You can specify an image to display along with the title and meta descriptions. Click on Edit to add an image.

While we recommend using an image that is 1200px x 629px, each media platform will render the display based on their individual parameters. You can preview how your URL will look on several different sites by accessing a website like

Search Results View:


The logo that you upload here will show in the upper left of each page in the Investor Portal. Selecting Change logo gives you an opportunity to upload your logo image.

We recommend an image that is 200px by 40px, but you can use the slider provided to change the way the logo displays.

Investor Portal View:


The favicon file that you upload here will display on the menu bar when the URL for the Investor Portal is entered. Selecting Change favicon gives you an opportunity to upload a favicon image file reflecting your logo.

Using an image that is 200px by 200px will provide a good quality favicon display.

Investor Portal View:


The color you identify will be used as the dominant color on the login screen and as the font color in many places throughout the Investor Portal. Click on the rectangle to change the accent color that will be used throughout the portal.

You can find the color by clicking on the color gradient screen or you can enter the hexadecimal representation of your brand’s primary color if you have it.

Investor Portal View:

Login Page

The login page for the investor portal will display the image you choose. Selecting Change login image gives you an opportunity to upload a photo.

A photo that is 2000px by 1500px will result in a high-quality display. The image that is displayed to your LPs is partially dictated by screen settings which means that portions of the image may be cropped for some investors.

Investor Portal View:

Login Page Disclaimer

This text is presented on the login page of the Investor Portal and can be used to provide a welcome statement, general disclaimer, user instructions, or any other message.

Simply enter the text into the Login page disclaimer box.

Investor Portal View:

Remember to click Save at the top right of the page to keep your changes.

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Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact

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