On the Groundbreaker Platform, the Investment Entity is the legal ‘holder’ of your offering and is where all transactions, settings, and communications about investments in your offering are managed. An Offering must be associated with a legal Investment Entity before you can raise funds.

Potential investors view your offering when they are deciding to invest, but when they commit and provide funding, they are creating an investment in and legal relationship with the Investment Entity. The settings that enable the automated fundraising process are defined with the Investment Entity and are accessed using one of the tabs listed underneath the name of the investment entity.

These settings define:

  • Legal name and tax information

  • Subscription settings for the Offering

  • Subscription documents to be signed by investors in the deal

  • Banking information to enable ACH transactions

  • Payment instructions provided to investors for contribution payments

During the investment process, the investor’s offer is managed as a subscription and the details related to the progress of the subscription are held with the Offering. Once the investment is funded and the subscription agreement is signed, the investment details are maintained with the Investment Entity. The other set of options on the Investment Entity page give you access to the investment data.

The information maintained with each Investment Entity is:

  • Details for all finalized investments

  • Individual Investor Accounts with ownership percentages

  • Transaction history of contributions and distributions

  • All internal, tax, reporting, and investor facing documents associated with the investment

Any actions you take over the lifetime of the investments are managed via the Investment Entity.

  • Track contributions

  • Report and make distribution payments

  • Upload documents and other files relevant to the investment

  • Send bulk or individual personalized emails to investors

  • Distribute tax documents and other reports to investors

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact support@groundbreaker.co.

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