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Manager Platform Guide - Documents Overview
Manager Platform Guide - Documents Overview

Discover how to make important documents immediately available to your prospects and investors

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One time-consuming task required of most real estate firms is distributing tax and other required documents and forms to your investors. You can centrally manage all documents related to your Offerings and investments on the Groundbreaker Platform. Using Groundbreaker as a repository keeps your documents secure and makes them instantly available to prospects and investors who can download and view them as needed.

Where you store the documents determines who has visibility and access to them.

Documents for an Offering

When you upload documents for an Offering, those documents become available to anyone with access to the Offering. These documents can be used to provide information in addition to what you loaded in the data room for the Offering. Some examples would be additional marketing materials, memorandums, or historical performance statistics.

Documents to be Signed Outside Groundbreaker

In most cases, all agreements are executed between both parties using electronic signatures directly on the platform. When signatures need to be managed outside Groundbreaker, you can upload the agreements directly.

Documents for all Investors

When you want to provide ongoing reports, one-time reports, or other informational documents intended to keep your investors informed, all you have to do is upload those documents to Groundbreaker. All documents associated with investments are maintained with the Investment Entity that was set up to manage the deal. Once you upload the files, all investors with completed investments will have instant access to the documents. Examples of the types of documents you may upload to an Investment Entity would be deal performance reports, investor reports, operating expense reports, and renovation updates.

Documents for a Specific Investor

You can eliminate the manual work required to attach files to emails, collate and sort documents to be mailed, and fax documents. Distribute individual documents to your investors by uploading those documents to Groundbreaker. Documents with access restricted to a single investor are securely stored and instantly accessible by the investor. You can upload these types of investor-specific documents: K1s, subscription agreements, tax documents, individual reports, accreditation docs, capital account balances, capital call notices, and distribution notices, just to name a few.

Should you encounter an issue with a broken link to a document, contact [email protected] and send the link with the name of the document you cannot retrieve.

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact [email protected].

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