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Manager Platform Guide - Contacts Overview
Manager Platform Guide - Contacts Overview

Discover how to create and manage your investor contacts

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Your Contacts are everyone you may contact concerning your deals. This includes active prospects, other potential investors, current investors, and anyone you authorize for access to the Investor Portal. Maintaining a robust list of Contacts has several benefits.

  • You can easily connect with potential investors by sending a mass email to Contacts, inviting them to signup for your Investor Portal.

  • When you approve their access, your Contacts have instant and transparent access to your deals and their investments.

  • You can use Groundbreaker as a marketing tool or as an enhancement to your investor communications by sending personalized emails to your Contacts directly from the platform.

Adding Contacts

You add and manage your Contacts from the Contacts section of the Groundbreaker platform.

In most cases, you will add your Contacts yourself, but potential investors can be added another way. Anyone who requests access to the Investor Portal is a potential Contact. If you make the Investor Portal URL available on your website or if you send out a mass mailing containing the link, potential investors can click the link and request access. You have the option to keep them as a Contact, grant them access to your portal, or remove them from your Contacts database.

Managing Contacts

The Contacts section behaves like a Customer Relationship Management System that gives you a 360-degree view of all information related to the Contact.

From each Contact's page, you have complete insight into all activity for each Contact.

  • Contact Information and Biographical Details

  • Portal Access Status

  • Offerings

  • Investments

  • Investor Accounts

  • Transactions

  • Emails

  • Documents

In addition to the information above, each Contact can be identified with tags and assigned to an employee. Including these attributes enhances your ability to categorize, search, and filter your Contacts. Some example use cases are:

  • Select Contacts for email campaigns based on criteria you specify

  • Identify your top investors by contribution amount or number of offers

  • Find Contacts that are not assigned to a team member

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact

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