As you work with your investors, there may be occasions when an investment needs to be revised or corrected. You can make these changes to a funded investment:

  • Edit the commitment amount

  • Change the closing date

  • Change the investor account

Unless the investment was funded electronically, you can make changes to the investment when you go to the investment page. There are several paths you can take, depending on your use case.

You can navigate to the investment from the Investment Entity.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Then select Investment Entities

=> Select the Investment Entity

=> Click on the investor’s name

You can navigate to the investment from the Investor Accounts page.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Then select Investor Accounts

=> Select the Investor Account

=> Select the name of the investment

You can navigate to the investment from the Contacts page.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Then select Contacts

=> Select the name of the investor

=> Select the Investments tab

=> Click on the name of the investment

Each path leads you to the same investment page.

Change the Commitment Amount

To revise the commitment amount, click on Edit in the box where the commitment amount is displayed.

The dialog box allows you to revise the amount and shows how the ownership share changes. Be sure to click Save.

The investment page now shows the revised amounts for both commitment and contribution.

Change the Closing Date

You can revise the closing date by clicking Edit next to the commitment amount.

The same dialog box you see when you edit the commitment amount allows you to change the closing date.

The investment page now has the revised closing date.

And you see the revised amount and/or date when you look at the contribution payment detail. Click on View contributions.

The history of payment(s) for this investment is shown and reflects the edits you made.

Change the Investor Account

If you need to change the investor account, you can do that by clicking Change Account next to the investor account information.

Enter the name of the correct investor account in the dialog box and click on Continue.

You will be shown the investor account change that you have requested. If this is the change you want to make, confirm by clicking on Change account.

The investment page will now reflect this new investor account with this investment.

Support Information

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