When the investment process is completed within the Groundbreaker Platform, all investments associated with your investment entities and investor accounts are managed for you. There are times, however, when you need to add this data manually.

Prior to manually adding any contributions, make sure that you have added all other investment data related to the contribution. All contributions must be identified with:

  • Investment Entity - which investment offering is receiving the contribution

  • Investor Account - who is remitting the money

To add contributions:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard.

=> Then select Investment Entities.

=> Click on the Investment Entity associated with the contribution.

The specifics for the Investment Entity you selected are displayed and from here you can click the +New button and select Investment to add the contribution.

It is assumed that all investments entered manually have been funded and therefore are identified as both commitments and contributions. You will be prompted for the details.

Required information:

  • Investor Account (select from existing Investor Accounts)

  • Closing date

  • Amount

  • Role (General Partner or Limited Partner)

Click Create Investment to save the data.

When you select Investments for this Investment Entity, you can see the contribution you just added.

You can select the investment to navigate to the investor's page, and from there, you can upload the subscription agreement and any other relevant documents associated with this investment.

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact support@groundbreaker.co.

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