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Investor Portal Guide - What is the Online Investment Process?
Investor Portal Guide - What is the Online Investment Process?

There are four steps to complete the online investment process

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The Investor Portal is designed to make it easy for you as the investor to initiate and manage all phases of an investment. The Investor Portal and email notifications lead you through a four-step process to initiate and complete an investment. Everything you submit throughout the process is stored centrally, and collectively it is referred to as the subscription package.

There are four steps in the online investment process.

  • Offer submission - Submit an offer

  • Subscriber Agreement - Establish your account, identify your investor accreditation, and review and sign the subscription documents

  • Funding - Provide the details for your contribution payment

  • Investment confirmation - Receive final approval when funds are received

The Investment Process

Offer Submission

When you log into the Investor Portal, you have immediate access to all available offerings. All you need to do to begin is click on Invest Now.

The detail page for the offering is displayed and you can gather additional information about the offering. Scroll through photos and documents to learn more. When you are ready to commit, enter the amount of your offer and click Invest now.

Subscriber Agreement

We provide you with an overview and description of what you will need to do during this step in the subscription process.

On this page, you can watch a video about the investment process or you can click Learn more to access knowledgebase articles.

The documents that you will sign at the end of the process are provided here and you are encouraged to review them upfront. The application will lead you through each of the steps that are outlined here. You can complete most steps in a single session, but you can also stop and pick up again at a later time.

Click Get Started to begin.

Investor Account Selection

You must identify the investment account that will manage your investment. You can select from your existing investor accounts or choose to create a new one for this offering.

Once you choose from one of the investor account options, click Save and continue to move to the next step.

Complete your subscriber information

The details for your investor account are pre-populated when you select an existing investor account, but you can change them here if needed. Select the Edit options to revise the investor account information. If you want to select a different payment method or edit the details, click on Manage in the payment instructions area.

After reviewing and providing the requested information, click Save and Continue.

Complete your subscriber accreditation

You must click on at least one of the options to complete the investor accreditation questionnaire. Unless you choose 'None of the descriptions below apply to the subscriber', you can choose as many that apply.

Click on Save and Continue to save your selection(s) and continue to the next step to sign the subscription documents.

Sign documents

Each document to be signed is displayed. Sign each one electronically or download them for signature outside of the Investor Portal.

Upon completing the signature step, the documents are submitted to the sponsor and you will receive a confirmation email. When you click Next at the top right of the page, you will get a summary of the next steps.

You are now waiting for the sponsor to review and countersign the subscription package before you can move to Funding. You will see a banner on your homepage during the time you are waiting for the sponsor to countersign the documents.

Clicking on View details will take you to the summary page for your subscription.


You are notified via email when the sponsor has countersigned the agreements. The subscription page will now provide you with funding instructions. Select the payment option (if there is more than one). Unless you select ACH, you need to indicate when funds have been mailed/wired.

You have completed all the steps required of you in the investment process and are waiting for the sponsor.

Investment confirmation

You will be notified by email once the sponsor receives the payment according to the funding instructions. The subscription process is now complete and this deal can be viewed by accessing Investments from the main menu.

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