The Groundbreaker Platform makes it easy to manage your distribution payments. Once you enter the amount and the date of the payment, the Groundbreaker Platform will calculate the amounts due to each investor based on your directions. You can then manage the actual payout.

Create the Distribution

When it is time to distribute payments to all investors who have contributed to one of your Offerings, you will create a new distribution. Because all payments occur between legal entities, the distribution is managed via the investment entity and creates payments to investor accounts.

Distribution Type

You will first select the type of distribution. At this time, Groundbreaker supports pro-rata allocation calculations. When you enter the total amount to be paid and the amount the sponsor retains, Groundbreaker will calculate distribution payments according to investor ownership percentages.

Finalize the Distribution Amounts

You want to validate that the distribution amounts calculated for each investor meet your expectations. You can edit the amounts for any of the calculated payments if needed before publishing the final totals.

Manage the Payments

Once the distribution payment amounts are finalized, you can move forward with the actual payouts. You will pay each investor using the payment method they selected.

  • Check and Wire Payments - These payments are handled outside of the Groundbreaker Platform and the distribution payment status is updated manually.

  • ACH - ACH has an automated process with approval steps.

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact

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