When the investor provides their funding and the agreements are signed, all activity related to the investment is accessible and managed from the Investment Entity in which your partners invested. The activity is broken out by:

  • Overview

  • Investments

  • Transactions

  • Documents

  • Emails

To access an Investment Entity:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Then select Investment Entities

=> Click on the Investment Entity you want to view


The basic details for the Investment Entity, along with a breakdown of the capital, are provided on the overview page. From here, there are tabs you can select to see the detailed activity.

Also on this page, as well as all other Investment Entity pages, you can select the +New button to initiate actions.

Other articles go into more explanation about what is involved with taking these actions.


A list of all investors is shown with

  • Percent Ownership

  • Amount Committed

  • Amount Contributed

  • Distributions Paid

  • Multiple

Clicking on one of the investors gives you the opportunity to look at details for just that investor.


From the Investment Entity's transactions page, you can choose to see contributions or distributions.

This page shows all contribution payments with the status of each.

You can also view all distributions for the Investment Entity.


Documents that you have made available to all investors are shown on the documents page, broken out by document type. You can select a document to download it.


All emails related to the Investment Entity are listed on this page.

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