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Manager Platform Guide - How do I upload documents for all investors in a deal?
Manager Platform Guide - How do I upload documents for all investors in a deal?

Attach documents to the Investment Entity to share them with all investors in the deal

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When you want to provide ongoing reports, one-time reports, or other documents intended to keep your investors informed, all you have to do is upload those documents to Groundbreaker. All documents associated with investments are maintained with the Investment Entity that was set up to manage the deal.

Once you upload the files, all investors with completed investments will have instant access to the documents. Examples of the types of documents you may upload to an Investment Entity would be deal performance reports, investor reports, operating expense reports, and renovation updates.

A separate category of documents related to an investment is the agreements and other legal documents that comprise the subscription package. Those documents are not covered here - read this article - How do I add the subscription agreements?.

To manage documents for investments:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Then select Investment Entities

=> Select the Investment Entity associated with the documents.

=> Click on View Documents

When you click on Upload document, the dialogue box opens for you.

Provide the title of the document and the category that best describes the contents. Add a publication date for the document. Click on Add file to pick from your files or drag and drop a file. Once you click on Upload file, the document is uploaded, stored on the Groundbreaker platform, and available to all investors with a position in that deal.

Should you encounter an issue with a broken link to a document, contact and send the link for the investment with the name of the document you cannot retrieve.

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