The documents you maintain on Groundbreaker provide a view, over time, into the Offering, the investment, and other metrics and data you share with your investors. Once uploaded, some files cannot be deleted unless you contact Groundbreaker Support ( This is a safeguard against inadvertent deletions of legal agreements and other required documents.

There are, however, three sets of documents that you can delete:

  • Data room documents for Offerings - Documents stored with the offering that provide insight and additional information for marketing and describing the offering can be deleted when needed. Access the offering or look for an article that describes how to delete offering documents.

  • Subscription documents - You can add to or delete from the list of agreements that must be signed by your investors when they subscribe to a deal. Access the investment entity or look for an article that describes how to delete subscription documents.

  • Investment documents - You can delete documents that are saved for a specific investor, including signed agreements. This allows you to replace any null and void documents when needed. Access the investment or look for an article that describes how to delete investment documents.

Should you encounter an issue with a broken link to a document, contact and send the link for the investment with the name of the document you cannot retrieve.

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