On the Groundbreaker Platform, investors will be able to express interest and enter a position in your deal through the Offering presented on the Investor Portal. Groundbreaker gives you the ability to market your deal with high-resolution photos, descriptive details, and additional documents that will increase its appeal to potential investors. An Offering is essentially a marketing document for an investment deal - the actual legal holding entity is the Investment Entity.

In addition to retaining all the marketing information, all offers and progress toward funding goals are maintained with the Offering and presented when you view the Offering.


When you select Offerings from the main menu, your offerings are listed with overview information giving you the status of each at a glance.

You can access the details for each offering.

Offering Overview Page

This is the landing page when you click on the Offering. You can think of it as having four sections.

Offering Progress

Groundbreaker manages the lifecycle of an Offering defined as stages:

  • Draft

  • Teaser

  • Fundraising

  • Operating

  • Realized

  • Completed

The Pipeline Stage determines how the Offering is presented to investors on the Offering Dashboard in the Investor Portal and manages its availability for offers and status for distribution payments. As the deal progresses from creation to completion, the Offering moves through the stages of the Offering Pipeline.

Offering Basics

These are the basic attributes associated with the Offering. This is where you see:

  • The Name of the Investment Entity associated with the Offering

  • The Accessibility of the Offering

    • Invite Only - only contacts you identify can view and make offers

    • Unrestricted - all your contacts can view and make offers

Fundraising Pipeline

This section shows the number of investors holding a position in your offering, along with their committed amounts, broken out by the status of their offer. This view provides a high-level snapshot of the progress of offers as they move through the fundraising pipeline.

Fundraising Summary

The Fundraising Summary section summarizes the status of the raise for this offering. You can see where you are after accounting for what has been committed and actually funded.

Offering Data Room

When you click on Data Room, the application will lead you through the steps to create an offering.

The three steps are displayed at the top of the page:


Provide a name and brief description.

Provide the metrics that your potential investors will want to know. We have defined some common metrics, but you can also create your own custom metrics.

You can add documents that further describe your offering or provide important background information. And, of course, photos to showcase the property.

You have the ability to add the location, including a map, and additional sections as well.

Stage and parameters

This section is where you select the Commitment stage when you are ready for fundraising. For Commitment offerings, you identify the Investment entity and define the investment parameters.


The Preview screen shows how the Offering will display on the investor portal.

On this page, you can rearrange the order of the sections and control how the offering information is presented to potential investors.

Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact support@groundbreaker.co.

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