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Manager Platform Guide - How do I create an Offering?
Manager Platform Guide - How do I create an Offering?

Add a new Offering when you select Offerings from the Main menu

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On the Groundbreaker Platform, you create an Offering to market your deal with high-resolution photos, descriptive details, and additional documents that fully define the opportunity and motivate potential investors to invest with you.

To create an Offering, from the Home Dashboard:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Offerings

=> Click on + New Offering located at the top right of the page.

Clicking on New Offering will take you through the steps to create a new offering.


In this section, provide the details and information to describe the investment opportunity to potential investors. You are creating the marketing materials for your offering. Add the name and a brief summary of the offering.

This is where you will provide the metrics to share with your LPs. There are some required metrics (marked with an *) and we've provided others that are commonly used. You also have the ability to add your own custom metrics.

Include documents and photos that provide further context for your offering and give your prospects additional insight into the opportunity.

You can identify the location of the property, or more than one location if applicable. If you want to display the location(s) on a map, you can click that option.

You can also add additional sections to more fully describe the opportunity.

Click Save and continue.

Stage and parameters

This step of the process is where you define the stage of the offering.

  • Reservation - show the offering to your LPs to gauge interest and take soft commitments when the offering is not yet ready for fundraising. You can define minimum and/or maximum offer amounts.

  • Commitment - The offering is in the fundraising stage and you are ready to take commitments from your LPs.

    When you choose Commitment, you must associate your offering with an investment entity that is used to manage the subscription details and funding. You can create a new investment entity or use an existing one. As long as each required element has a green checkmark, you can proceed to the next step. Refer to this article to learn more about these elements.

Click Save and continue.


On the preview page, we show how the offering will display to your LPs in the investor portal. The left side shows the sections you have defined for the offering and from here you can rearrange the order of the sections by grabbing the 'handles' next to the section name.

This page is also where you manage a Non-disclosure Agreement for the offering. When enabled, the investor must first accept the terms of the NDA before they can view the offering details.

Click Save and continue.


When you create an offering, it remains in draft mode until you publish it. This gives you an opportunity to go back and update and polish the offering materials before putting the offering in front of potential investors. On this page, you can also select a group of contacts to be added as prospects to the offering.

When you are ready to present the offering, click on Publish Offering.

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Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact [email protected].

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