On the Groundbreaker Platform, an Offering is how you market your deal. The Offering is where all the information, photos, and descriptions you provide to potential investors are maintained. In addition to the marketing information, there is additional data saved with the Offering that provides additional insight into the status of all offers and investors. You also have several actions you can take to manage your offering.

To access an Offering, from the Home Dashboard:

=> Select Menu

=> Select Offerings

=> Click on the Offering name

Managing Your Offering

The top section is where you will find several options that allow you to manage the Offering.

Data Room or Settings

The Data Room is where the information that will be presented to investors and generate interest in your Offering is maintained. In addition to the investment details that define the amount of the raise and other important data, you have the opportunity to provide descriptions, photos, and documents that create the marketing collateral for the investment.

Investment Entity

When you click on Investment Entity, you will be directed to the home page for the Investment Entity associated with this Offering.

Pipeline Stage

Groundbreaker manages the lifecycle of an Offering in an Offering Pipeline defined with six stages:

  • Draft

  • Teaser

  • Fundraising

  • Operating

  • Realized

  • Completed

The Pipeline Stage determines how the Offering is presented to investors on the Offering Dashboard in the Investor Portal and manages its availability for offers and status for distribution payments. As the deal progresses from creation to completion, the Offering moves through the stages of the Offering Pipeline.

Viewing Your Offering Data

You can access one of these tabs to see different views of the information stored with the Offering.


The Overview page has three informational sections

  • Offering Basics - the basic attributes associated with the Offering.

    • The Name of the Investment Entity associated with the Offering

    • The Accessibility of the Offering

  • Fundraising Pipeline - shows the number of investors holding a position in your offering, along with their committed amounts, broken out by the status of their offer.

  • Fundraising Summary - summarizes the status of the raise for this offering, showing what has been committed, actually funded, and remaining.


The Prospects tab shows all investors with a position in the offering along with the status of their offer and the amount they have committed. You can click on one of the prospects to see the details related to their offer.


On this page, you can see all documents that have been stored with this Offering and made available to anyone who has access to the Offering. Selecting +New gives you an opportunity to add a new document to the Offering’s Document section.


The Emails tab shows outbound emails related to the Offering. You can click on the email to view the email or resend it. Emails in Draft mode can be completed and sent.

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Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact support@groundbreaker.co.

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