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Manager Platform Guide - What is managed from the Offering page?
Manager Platform Guide - What is managed from the Offering page?

You have access to a wealth of information and can perform several functions from the Offering page

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On the Groundbreaker Platform, an Offering is how you market your deal. The Offering is where all the information, photos, and descriptions you provide to potential investors are maintained. In addition to the marketing information, there is additional data saved with the Offering that provides additional insight into the status of all offers and investors. You also have several actions you can take to manage your offering.

To access an Offering, from the Home Dashboard:

=> Select Menu

=> Select Offerings

=> Click on the Offering name

Managing Your Offering

There are several actions you can take to manage the offering from this page.

Add prospects

Chose individuals or defined groups from your contacts to add as prospects to the offering.


The section on the right side of the page shows a summary of the offering. To view the details and change the stage, parameters, and other options defined for the offering, click Edit and you will be taken through the edit offering workflow.


Also in this section of the page is the status toggle. You can change between Active and Draft if you need to change the status of the offering.

Investment Entity

We also identify the investment entity associated with the offering in this section. When you click on the investment entity name, you will be directed to the home page for the Investment Entity associated with this Offering.

Close offering

As you are raising funds, your offering will be in the Active status. When fundraising is complete and you are no longer accepting offers, click on Close offering to change the status of the offering to Closed. The closed offering will no longer display on your investor portal as an investment opportunity and your LPs will no longer have access to pending subscriptions.

Delete offering

There may be times when an offering was created in error or as a test scenario. You may have other reasons for removing the offering from your portfolio. As long as there are no signed subscriptions or investments, you can do this when you click on Delete offering. When you delete an offering, the offering is removed from the investor portal and all pending subscriptions are deleted as well.

Viewing Your Offering Data

Offering Views

This is a calendar view that shows the overall interest in your offering at a glance. Each square is a day in the previous 365 days. The darker the green color, the more views the offering had that day. Hover over a day to see the date and the total views.

Prospects List

The table showing the prospects for this offering is at the bottom of the page.

Each prospect is listed with

  • Their subscription status

  • When they viewed the offering

  • The status of their document signature(s)

  • The amount they have reserved or committed.

  • If NDAs are enabled for the offering, you will see the date the prospect agreed to the NDA.

You can click on any row to get the detail about the prospect and their status in this offering.

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Support Information

If you have more questions or feedback, please use the live chat in-app (located in the bottom right corner) or contact [email protected].

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