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Manager Platform Guide - How do I delete an Offering?
Manager Platform Guide - How do I delete an Offering?

You can delete offerings before you receive any offers

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You may find occasions when you have created an offering that needs to be removed from your portfolio. This may be because you have decided against making the investment or the offering may have been created as part of a test or training exercise. Although the directions indicate that you are deleting the offering, you are actually marking the offering as inactive. This gives you the ability to reinstate or reuse the offering at a later date if applicable.

You can delete (deactivate) an offering under these conditions:

  • Before it is published (it is in Draft mode)

  • It has no subscriptions in progress (it is Published)

Draft Mode

During the process of creating an offering, you must take one final step to publish the offering. If at that point you want to abandon the offering, you can deactivate it by clicking on Delete Offering.

This offering will be retained as an inactive offering.


You can deactivate an offering that has been published, as long as there are no subscriptions in progress or investments completed. To deactivate an Offering, from the Home Dashboard:

=> Select Menu

=> Select Offerings

=> Click on the Offering name to delete

The overview for the offering is displayed. If this offering meets the conditions that allow it, you will see a button at the bottom of the page where you can click Delete Offering.

Remember that even though it appears that you have deleted the offering, this action actually marks the offering as inactive. Inactive offerings are shown at the bottom of your list of offerings.

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