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Manager Platform Guide - How do I edit an Offering?
Manager Platform Guide - How do I edit an Offering?

You can edit an Offering when you select Offerings from the main menu

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On the Groundbreaker Platform, you create an Offering to market your deal with high-resolution photos, descriptive details, and additional documents that fully define the opportunity and motivate potential investors to invest with you. You always have the ability to update and revise your Offering’s information and settings as you have more data or as conditions change.

To edit an Offering, from the Home Dashboard:

=> Select Menu

=> Select Offerings

=> Click on the Offering name to edit

=> Click on Edit

When you click Edit, you will be taken into the workflow you followed when you created the offering. You have access to the same pages and information you entered at that time.


You can update the information you want to present to investors when you edit the information on the Description page.

You can change the name and summary description.

Revise the existing metrics or add new ones.

Add or delete documents and photos. Click on Edit to change the name associated with the file.

Add, remove, or revise the location and map display.

You also have the ability to edit, remove, or add additional sections.

Once you are done editing the description information, click Save and continue.

Stage and parameters

You can modify the stage and subscription parameters on the Stage and parameters page.

Change the stage from Reservation to Commitment when you are ready to raise funds. You can also move the offering back to Reservation as long as there are no active subscriptions or investments.

You can also modify the parameters that define the subscription.

Note that when you change these parameters, they will apply to all offerings that are managed by the investment entity associated with this offering. Click on a down arrow next to a parameter to view the details and modify as needed.

Click Save and continue.


The preview page shows how the offering will be presented on the investor portal.

But you also have edit capabilities on the page as shown in the section on the left side of the page.

You can reorder the sections by clicking on the 'handle' next to the section you want to move up or down.

This is also where you can enable or disable the requirement that potential investors must agree to your Non-disclosure agreement before viewing the offering details.

When you click Save and continue, you will be taken back to the offering detail page and your revisions will be saved.

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