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Manager Platform Guide - What information is stored with my contacts?
Manager Platform Guide - What information is stored with my contacts?

You have access to the complete history of interactions with each Contact when you access their Contact page

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The Contacts section behaves like a Customer Relationship Management System that gives you a 360-degree view of all information related to the Contact. You have complete insight into all activities for each Contact:

  • Overview

  • Offerings

  • Investments

  • Accounts

  • Transactions

  • Emails

  • Documents

Contact Activity

To view activity associated with a Contact:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Contacts

=> Click on the Contact’s name

The Contact’s name, Investor Portal status, and their total contributions are displayed along with a menu bar that allows you to dive into additional information about the Contact.


The overview is the default view. The left side displays the basic information about the Contact and the right side of the page shows the list of all the Offerings this Contact has in some stage of the investment process.


The Offerings tab presents another view of offerings in which the Contact has a position - but presents only those that are Active. Inactive Offerings can be selected with the toggle at the bottom of the page.


The Investments tab gives a complete view of what this Contact has invested with you.


The Accounts tab shows all the Investor Accounts owned by this Contact along with the total number of investments and contribution amount for each.


The transactions tab gives a running history of all financial transactions with this Contact. On the left side, select between a view of Contributions and Distributions.


The Emails tab presents a log of all emails sent to this contact via Groundbreaker.


The Documents tab is where you go to access documents associated with this Contact. All documents are associated with a specific investment, so select an investment on the left to see the documents related to this Contact for the investment.

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