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Manager Platform Guide -How can I organize my contacts?
Manager Platform Guide -How can I organize my contacts?

You can assign tags to your Contacts to make it easier to manage them

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When your list of Contacts is large and covers a diverse set of potential investors, it is useful to be able to filter your Contacts into smaller groups.

Tags allow you to categorize and filter Contacts. You can, for example, use a tag to easily identify all Contacts you met at a conference. You can use a tag to assign the Contact to a specific neighborhood so that you can target those potential investors with an email about one of your Offerings.

It is easy to add or remove tags for a Contact.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Contacts

=> Click on the Contact’s name

=> Click on Manage Tags

You can also manage tags directly from the list of Contacts. Click on the box located to the left of the Contact name(s), select More Actions, and Manage Tags.

The dialog box is displayed where you can add or remove tags.

You can remove a tag by clicking the X next to the tag. When you start typing a tag to add, you are given a pick list of existing tags or you can simply create a new one. Each Contact can have many tags.

The tags are displayed as part of the Contact list.

You can then use the tag filter to select just those Contacts tagged with the keyword you enter.

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