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Manager Platform Guide - How can I search and filter my list of contacts?
Manager Platform Guide - How can I search and filter my list of contacts?

You have several options for filtering and searching to find the Contacts you want to work with

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When your list of Contacts is large and covers a diverse set of potential investors, it is useful to be able to search and filter your Contacts to show just the ones of interest at the moment. Groundbreaker gives you several search and filter criteria.

  • Text Search

  • Assignments

  • Keyword Tags

  • Portal Status

  • More Filters

Go to the Contacts section of the Groundbreaker platform to filter and search your Contacts.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Then select Contacts

Text Search

When you type your criteria in the search filter box, all Contacts with that text in either the name or email address are displayed.

Assignment Filter

When you access your Contacts from the menu, the default is to show All contacts, but you can also specify just your Contacts or any that are unassigned by choosing from the tabs listed under Contacts.

Tag Filter

You are able to filter the list of Contacts using tag keywords that you have assigned to your Contacts. Select Tagged With and enter the tag name.

Portal Status

This capability is useful when you are reviewing which Contacts may require action to enable their access. You can filter your Contacts based on their Investor Portal Access status. Click on Portal Status and choose the value on which to filter.

More Filters

In addition to the filters mentioned above, you can filter by the number of investments, amount contributed, and payment method when you select More filters.

You can also use More Filters when you need to filter by more than one criterion.

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