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Manager Platform Guide - How do I remove an investor's access to the Investor Portal?
Manager Platform Guide - How do I remove an investor's access to the Investor Portal?

You can deactivate a user’s access on their Contacts page

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The Investor Portal is what investors and prospects will use to view your Offerings and manage their investments. While your objective should be enabling all valid contacts - both prospects and existing investors - so that they are actively using the Investor Portal, there may be times when you need to remove their access.

Access to the Investor Portal is supported in the Contacts section of the Groundbreaker Platform. To access the pages where you manage portal access:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Contacts

=> Click on a contact name

The overview page for that contact includes their Portal Access Status.

You can manage the contact’s Investor Portal Status from this page.

Portal Request Denials

Contacts who have requested access from the Investor Portal link will not have access to the portal until you approve them.

If you know that you do not want this individual to access your Investor Portal, you can click on Deny access to the portal.

Access Removal

Blocking access for an active or previously approved user is accomplished by deactivating the contact. From the overview page for the contact, select Settings.

The page that shows the details for the contact is shown. At the bottom of the page, select Deactivate contact account to remove account access.

If the contact has existing investments, they cannot be deactivated.

If they have no investments, you will be asked for confirmation.

Click Save located at the bottom of the page. The status for the contact will now show Inactive and the contact’s access to the Investor Portal is revoked.

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