Investor Accounts are the legal entities that your investors use to commit to a position in your offerings and all agreements, documentation, contributions, and distributions are associated with investor accounts. It is important that these accounts have accurate and valid instructions for distribution payments. While investors can easily access the Investor Portal and make their own revisions, you can update Investor Accounts on their behalf when you choose the Investor Account menu option.

To change payment methods or instructions for an Investor Account on the investor's behalf:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Then select Investor Accounts

=> Click on the name of the Investor Account to edit

=> Click Settings

=> Scroll down to Payment Instructions

The current payment method and instructions for that payment method are shown.

Update Payment Instructions

If you want to keep the current payment method, but need to revise the instructions, click on the Edit button.

A page with the existing payment instructions is displayed.

Make your changes to the configuration details for that payment method and click Done. Make sure to click Save at the top of the Investor Account page to keep your changes.

Change Payment Method

When you need to change to a different payment method, click on the new payment method. If there are existing instructions for that method, they will be displayed and you should review them to ensure they are valid.

Click on the Edit option to update the details if necessary.

When you select a payment method that has not yet been configured, you must click on the Edit option and provide the details on the page that is displayed.

If you choose ACH Direct Deposit and attempt to Save without the details, you will get Request failed with status code 400. To correct this error, either add the ACH configuration details or choose a different payment method.

Make sure to click Save at the top of the Investor Account page to keep your changes.

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