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Manager Platform Guide -How can I create and manage contact groups?
Manager Platform Guide -How can I create and manage contact groups?

You can create groups of Contacts to make it easier to manage them

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When your list of contacts is large and covers a diverse set of potential investors, it is useful to organize your contacts into smaller groups. Instead of entering the same filter criteria again and again, you can create a Contact Group. Contact Groups allow you to identify and save criteria to select a subset of contacts. You can, for example:

  • Define a Contact Group to show all contacts with a specific distribution payment method

  • Create a group to display all contacts that have requested portal access and need to be authorized

  • Add a Contact Group to select prospects you want to track and notify when you create new offerings

Once you select a contact group that you created, those filters are applied and the contacts that meet the criteria are displayed.

It is easy to create and manage Contact groups.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Contacts

At the top of your list of contacts, you will find three predefined groups:

  • All Contacts

  • Has Invested

  • Has contributed more than $25,000

When you click on one of these groups, you will see the contacts that qualify based on the criteria associated with the group.

To create your own groups, identify filter criteria using any of the available filters. You can use a single filter or combine several. The options are:

  • Filter Contents - type in a string of text that exists in the name or email address of the contact you want to include in a group

  • Tagged With - enter a tag associated with the contacts you want to group

  • Portal Status - you can choose to create a group of contacts that have a common portal status

  • More Filters - you can add additional filters based on contribution amounts, number of investments, and distribution payment methods

As you enter a filter, a group called Untitled shows in your list of contact groups and the contacts are filtered to show the ones that match your criteria. Your contacts will continue to be filtered if you add additional criteria.

Once you have created the criteria that define the group you want to create, click on Save group.

Add the name of the group and click Save Group.

Once a group is saved, the name of the group appears at the top of your contact list. Click on it to apply the filter and show the contacts in that group.

You can also rename the group or remove it. To do so, click on Edit Group.

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