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Manager Platform Guide - Can I search, filter, and sort the list of offerings?
Manager Platform Guide - Can I search, filter, and sort the list of offerings?

You have several options to narrow down and revise the list of offerings

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On the Groundbreaker Platform, you can review and manage your deals from the offerings page. Because you may have a large number of offerings, you may want to filter the list and sort them in the order that suits your needs.

To access the Offerings list, from the Home Dashboard:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Offerings

The search, filter, and sort capabilities are enabled by the boxes above the list of offerings.

Filter with text criteria

Enter text in the 'Filter offerings' text box to identify the search criteria to apply against your offering names and display just the ones that match.

Filter with attributes

You can click the Status box and/or the Stage box to select a value from the list. Only offerings with that attribute value will be displayed.

This example shows the list of values for Status, but you can click on Stage to see the list of values for that attribute as well.

You can choose more than one value. Whether it is one or several, the filter criteria you specify are listed. If you want to remove one or more of the criteria, you can clear it by clicking the 'X' located next to the value.


You have several choices for sorting your list of offerings. You can sort your entire list or sort a filtered list. Click on sort, choose the sort by field, and select ascending or descending to define the order.

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