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Manager Platform Guide - What are the offering statuses?
Manager Platform Guide - What are the offering statuses?

The status of your offering can be either draft, active, or closed

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At Groundbreaker, each offering has a status and a stage. This article explains the difference and provides a description of each status.

Stage Overview

The offering stage determines if the offering is available for either soft commitments (reservations) or true commitments. There are only two possible stages for offerings:

  • Reservation - Your investor portal users can express their interest and potential commitment when the offering is in this stage. There is no obligation on either side.

  • Commitment - Investors can subscribe and commit to offerings and finalize an investment when the offering is in this stage.

Status Descriptions

Offering status applies to all offers in either stage. The offering status controls how offerings, both reservation and commitment, are presented to your investor portal users.


Draft offerings are considered works in progress. You are still gathering information, formatting how you want to present the data, conducting your due diligence, and setting up your legal arrangements. You are not yet ready for these offerings to be presented to your LPs.

Offerings not yet published are in Draft status. Any time you reopen a closed offering it will be in Draft status.


Active offerings appear on your investor portal and are open for investors to view the offering details. Active reservation offerings will accept reservations from potential investors. Active commitment offerings are open to offers and investors may follow the online subscription process and fund their investment in your offering.


This status usually indicates that fundraising for the offering is complete. When you no longer want to accept offers or reservations, you can change the status of the offering to closed. The offering does not appear on the investor portal and any subscriptions in progress are suspended.

Changing the offering status

Once it has been published, You may change an Active offering to Draft (or from Draft to Active) at any time from the offering detail page.

To change the status to closed, click on Close offering located at the bottom of the page.

You may also reopen the offering when you access the offering detail page for a closed offering.

If you take this action, the offering will move from Closed status to Draft.

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