On the Groundbreaker Platform, you can review and manage your prospects from the offerings detail page. When you need to cull through the list and remove contacts that you no longer want to associate with the offering, you are able to remove them from the list of prospects for the offering as long as they have not yet signed an agreement document.

To access the Prospects list, from the Home Dashboard:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Offerings

=> Click on an offering

When you select one or more prospects by clicking the box next to the name, you can choose More Actions and then Remove selected prospects.

You will receive a screen where you must confirm the removal. There are a few important things to note.

  • When you remove a prospect, they will not be able to access the offering and their subscription (if they have made an offer) will be deleted.

  • If you have selected any prospects with completed investments or signed subscription documents, they will not be removed.

If you removed a prospect in error or changed your mind, you can add back a prospect you have previously removed from an offering. Once you do that, the investor can once again access the offering and may choose to make another offer and re-subscribe.

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