The Groundbreaker Platform makes it easy to make and track your distribution payments. Once you create a distribution and finalize the distribution payment amounts, you can move forward with the actual payments.

NOTE: You must be a team member with ADMIN rights in order to create payments.

To create payments for a distribution:

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard.

=> Select Investment Entities

=> Click on the Investment Entity making the distribution

=> Select Transactions

=> Click on Distributions

=> Select the Finalized distribution transaction you are ready to pay on

View the Payments

This page has three sections and provides all the details for the distribution and the payments to be made.

  • The first section shows general Information about the distribution - Name, date, and cash flow types

  • The second section shows details for each Investor Account - Name, distribution method, the final distribution amount, and lifetime total distribution payments

  • The third section displays the Investments to Pay - The amount to be paid broken out by distribution method. The buttons in this section become inactive after the payment is created

Initiate the Payments

You initiate the payments by clicking a blue button in the Investments to Pay section. Clicking Create Check payment(s), Create Wire payment(s), or Create ACH payment(s) will move the payments to In Progress in the Payment History section at the bottom of the page.

Each payment method must be selected in order to complete the distribution.

Make the Payments

For ACH payments - Payments are processed and paid completely within the Groundbreaker solution through our banking partner, Dwolla. Go to How do I send distribution payments via ACH?

For Check and Wire payments - Click on these payment methods when you are ready to make these payments outside of Groundbreaker. Select an In Progress payment method from Payment History to see the checks or wire transfers you need to make.

All investors to be paid via the method you selected are displayed with the amount and the status of each.

Click on the down arrow next to an investor.

The instructions for the payment are displayed and you can use this information to make the payment outside of Groundbreaker. After the check is sent and/or the wire transfer is successful, update the status by clicking on Mark as Paid.

Once the payment is Marked as Paid, the status will update to Paid.

Complete this step for each Investor Account for each Payment Method. When all payment methods show in Payment History with a Paid status, the distribution is complete.

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