Payment History for a distribution identifies the status of all payments and is available in the third section on the Distributions page. Just as you selected the distribution to initiate payment, you select it again to see the status of all payments for that distribution.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard.

=> Select Investment Entities

=> Click on the Investment Entity making the distribution

=> Select Transactions

=> Click on Distributions

=> Click on the distribution payment to track to bring up the details

Each investor to be paid for the distribution is shown along with the totals by payment method. Payment History, located at the bottom of the page, shows the status of the payments.

When you click on one of the payment methods, you can see the status of each payment included in the method you selected.

Each payment in the distribution will display a status.

For Checks and Wire Transfers:

  • In Progress - This is the status that will show until you make the payment (outside Groundbreaker) and mark it as paid.

  • Paid - You have made the payment outside Groundbreaker and Marked it as Paid.

For ACH payments:

Refer to this article - How do I track ACH distribution payments? - to read about the status values that are specific to ACH payments.

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