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Manager Platform Guide - How do I track ACH distribution payments?
Manager Platform Guide - How do I track ACH distribution payments?

You can track the progress and status of ACH payments from the distributions page for the Investment Entity

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Payment History for a distribution identifies the status of all payments and is available in the third section on the Distributions page. Just as you selected the distribution to initiate payment, you select it again to see the status of all payments for that distribution, including any ACH transfers.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard.

=> Select Investment Entities

=> Click on the Investment Entity making the distribution

=> Select Transactions

=> Click on Distributions

=> Click on the distribution payment to track to bring up the details

Each investor to be paid for the distribution is shown along with the totals by payment method. Scroll down to the Payment History section to see the status of the ACH transfer payment. When you click on ACH Direct Deposit, you can see the status of each payee.

Each ACH Direct Deposit in the distribution will display a status.

Ready to send

Payment has been initiated and is in the approval process. The payment may be pending the payment manager's approval:

Or, the payment may be pending payment initiation after the payment manager’s approval:

In Progress

The payment has been sent but is not yet received by the investor's bank. If needed, you have the ability to cancel the payment in this stage.


The payment has been received and deposited in the investor's bank account.


The transaction was canceled before it was settled through the investor's bank account.


The payment could not be completed. Most likely there was an issue with the funds or bank account. Contact Groundbreaker to reset so that you can retry the payment.

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