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Manager Platform Guide - How do I prepare subscription documents for electronic signatures?
Manager Platform Guide - How do I prepare subscription documents for electronic signatures?

Create templates for your subscription documents

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When you add the documents that investors must sign when they participate in your deal, you can allow them to be processed for electronic signature completely within Groundbreaker. Groundbreaker uses Hellosign to facilitate the exchange of electronic signatures.

You can set up the subscription documents as part of the Create Offering workflow.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Then select Offerings

=> Click on Create offering to create a new offering or select an existing offering

After you upload the subscription documents on the Stage and parameters page, there will be a button for each to Prepare doc for signing.

Creating the Template

When you click Prepare doc for signing, your document will display in a work area. On the left is a Signers box with a pull-down menu. Below this box is a list of available fields.

You will drag and drop fields into this work area to identify where signatures, initials, dates, etc. are required and create the template that manages the electronic signatures for the agreement.

Defining fields for the subscriber to complete

The signer identified by default when you open the document is the Subscriber and the fields will be light blue in color. When Subscriber is identified as the signer and you drop any of the available fields into the work area, you are identifying where the subscriber will complete that field.

When you click on one of the fields you have added to the template, you can change the formatting properties as shown on the right side of the page.

Defining fields for the GP to complete

To specify which fields the GP will complete, select GP as the signer. The fields will be colored orange and you can drag and drop any of the available fields into the work area.

Customizing the agreement for each investor

The subscription documents are the same for all investors, but you can add custom fields that will be populated with details and data specific to each individual investor.

If you select Sender in the Signers box, you can drag and drop a magenta-colored textbox field into the work area. The default field in the textbox is contribution value but you can select from any of the fields available on the right side of the screen.

At the time the document is presented to the subscriber for their signature, these text boxes will auto-fill with the values associated with that subscriber's offer.

Available Fields

There are several different types of fields you can include in the documents. Some fields have an option to customize the text formatting. Others require you to provide additional logic or values that will govern how they are presented. If you add fields that require an action or selection by a signee, you can choose to mark them as required or optional.

Signature Fields - These are the fields your investors will use to sign the document, giving them the option to either type in their signature or draw it. You will almost always include the Signature field in your templates.

  • Signature

  • Initials

Auto-fill fields - These fields are used to populate your document with known information. You will almost always include the Date Signed field in your templates. Note: These fields, other than the date field, are based on the user's Hellosign profile and are not available for the subscription agreement. If you use these auto-fill fields, they will be blank in the document. Follow the directions above for customizing the agreement if you want to include investor-specific auto-fill fields.

  • Date Signed

Standard Fields - You can add these customizable fields to your document to require specific information from the signee. You will see additional dialog boxes appear on the right side of the work area if you choose one of these fields.

  • Textbox - You can require the signee to provide a requested data field at time of signature

  • Checkbox - You can require the signee to make a selection by checking or unchecking a box

  • Dropdown - You can have the signee choose from a list shown in a dropdown box

  • Radio Group - You can require the signee to select one of the radio button options you specify

Standard fields also offer you a lot of flexibility. For each field, you have several options

  • Set the field as required - the signee must complete the field

  • Set the default - for fields that request the signee to make a selection, you can preset the default

  • Conditional logic - you can create rules that will govern what other fields will be displayed to (or hidden from) the signee based on the content of the field


Although you most likely selected the assignment from the Signers box when you added the fields to the template, you can also specify or revise who will fill out the field added to the template from the drop-down list on the right. Depending on the field, you may see these options:

  • Subscriber - the subscriber who is agreeing to the deal

  • GP - the authorized counter-signer for the deal

  • Me (now) - the person who is creating the template

  • Sender - the person who is sending the document for signature

The assignments are color-coded so that you can identify where each signee’s signature and/or assigned field will be.

In this example, the subscriber’s signature, date, and initials are blue and the GP’s counter signature fields are identified in orange. Click on Continue at the top right of the page to save the template.

When the template for each document is complete, the documents will show as ready for subscribers.

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