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Manager Platform Guide - What are the Offering stages?
Manager Platform Guide - What are the Offering stages?

An offering may be in either a reservation or commitment stage

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Groundbreaker allows you to determine if you want to raise funds or take reservations for your offering. You manage this by selecting the stage as part of the workflow when you create your offering. See this article for how to create an offering.

Each offering has a stage. The offering stage is displayed when you view your list of offerings.

=> Select Menu from the Home Dashboard

=> Select Offerings

The stage is also displayed on the offering detail page when you click on one of the offerings.

You have two options when you select your offering stage.

Reservation Stage

Set your offering as a reservation to gauge interest and establish a pipeline of interested prospects. Your portal users can submit a reservation, but are not committed to the amount they reserve. You can edit your offering and change the stage to commitment when you are ready to raise funds.

Commitment Stage

When you select commitment as the stage, you are raising funds for the offering. Your portal users can make offers, move through the subscription process, and make their contribution payments to complete their investment.

When the stage is commitment, you must associate the offering with an investment entity which is the legal entity that will receive contribution payments and issue distributions.

You can change the stage at any time. Select Edit from the offering detail page.

You will be taken through the edit offering workflow where you can change the stage on the Stage and Parameters page.

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