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Manager Platform Guide - How do I cancel distribution payments?
Manager Platform Guide - How do I cancel distribution payments?

You have options when you need to cancel a distribution payment

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You may need to revert a payment you have made. Depending on the scenario, you can either reset the payment to unpaid status or cancel the transaction.

Paid in Error

If you mark a payment as paid, but need to reset the status back to unpaid, you can click on the three dots to bring up the menu of options. Select Mark as unpaid.

The confirmation screen gives you an opportunity to identify the reason for making the change.

The status of the payment will now show as Unpaid and you can scroll over the notes icon to see the explanation given for why the status was reset.

Payments Initiated in Error

When you have initiated payment, but need to cancel the transaction, you can select a Paid transaction (wire or check) or an In transit transaction (ACH before 4pm) and cancel the payment.

On the confirmation screen, you can document the explanation for the action before you click Cancel payment.

The payments will show as Canceled and you can scroll over the note icon to see the explanation.

Note that for ACH transactions, you can only cancel up to 4pm CT. That is the time that our banking partner, Dwolla, cuts off processing for the day. After 4pm, the transaction will stay in transit until it is either paid or fails.

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